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Robotics Integration

3D and 2D Vision Automation Solutions

All Nortech Robotics systems can include 3D or 2D vision components for any applications that might require them. Robotic systems with integrated machine vision components are perfect for solutions that call for precision guiding and non-uniform part or material location. Instead of costly specialized sensors, we are able to use precision camera vision systems from industry leading manufactures like Cognex and National Instruments. Nortech’s machine vision systems are a perfect companion for material-handling systems and virtually any other robotic application.

Features and Benefits of Robotic Vision

  • Less Expensive Than Traditional Sensor Systems
  • High Resolution Recognition Abilities
  • Highly Scalable with Ablility To Use One Or Multiple Cameras Working Together
  • Recognize Position, Shape, Volume, and Surface Properties
  • Real-Time 3D and 2D Movement Tracking

Possible Applications

  • Non-Uniform Palletizing and Depalletizing
  • Random Product Case Loading
  • Conveyor Product Location
  • Material Sorting
  • Error Proofing
  • Collision Detection

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