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Robotics Integration

Robotic Simulation

Prior to investing in a full system integration, Nortech can provide robotic simulation services. Your solution can be first built in the virtual world without having to spend a cent on hardware or commiting to full-scale builds. Our software very closely emulates the robots capabilities as well as real world work-cell conditions. The data collected during these simulations is used to better understand the design and in turn troubleshoot and optimize it.

Robotic simulation can also be used to test proposed improvements to your current robot system. We can help test hardware capabilities like reach and speed. With the help of software simulation we can test multiple scenarios and decide which one produces the greatest advantages to your process.

Features and Benefits of Robotic Simulation

  • Enables Visual Understanding of Design
  • Early Risk Assessment
  • Short Lead Time

Possible Applications

  • Off-Line Programming of Robotic Systems
  • Reasarch Feasibility
  • Gather Valuable Output Statistics Before Build Begins

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