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Complete Robotic Automation Solutions

With the robotic industries’ boom over the last decade, affordable prices followed, and a wide spectrum of possible applications. It’s the perfect time to reevaluate your manufacturing process. Nortech’s robotics integration division can help lower cycle times, and reduce labor content. Whether you are new to robotic automation or looking to optimize your current robotic process, we are ready to help.

Robotic Automation Services

Robotic Automation Services

Robotic Automation Services

Turn-Key Robotic Solutions

Nortech offers turn-key integrated solutions based on several types of robotic arms. Applications could range from laboratory automation to manufacturing automation. These robotic arms cover various ranges of capacities which make them suitable for specific applications. Nortech is with you every step of the way, from initial concept design, to build, installation, and training, we will make sure your robotic solution is implemented successfully.

Our solutions are always built with safety, dependability, and efficiency in mind. All Nortech robotics systems feature user-friendly controls that allow your workers to operate the system without extensive training, or programming knowledge.

Why Automate With Robotics?

Robotic Arms can save money, time and labor. They can bring down production and test costs. However, they need to be integrated properly. You need the right end of arm tooling. You need the right guarding. You need the right software and the right I/O to make a robotic arm achieve its promised efficiency. In short you need the right integration.

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