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Depalletizing Automation Solutions

In addition to palletzing automation, Nortech can just as well design, build, and integrate your robotic depalletization system. We use Fanuc and Motoman material-handling multi-axis robot arms to automate the unloading of incoming material.

As with all Nortech robotic solutions, your depalletizing system is always built with safety, dependability, and efficiency in mind.

Features and Benefits of Nortech’s Palletizing Services

  • Increased Productivity
  • Elimination of Labor Intensive Unloading
  • Fast Cycle Rates and High Throughput
  • Accurate Repeatable Placement
  • Empty Pallete Placement and Management
  • Abillity to Service Multiple Lines

Possible Applications

  • Case and Carton Depalletizing
  • Bag Depalletizing
  • Bulk Depalletizng
  • Mixed Load Depalletizng

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