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Case Loading Automation Solutions

Robotic case loading systems offer many advantages over standard mechanical special-purpose solutions. In the majority of cases our solutions can greatly reduce labor costs and increase loading rates. The versatile nature of robotic arms allows for fast adaptability to any case loading application. We can tailor your system to any type of conveyor type and layout. Easily interchangeable grippers can provide gentle product handling as well as the ability to perfom multiple functions on multiple lines, even in a single robot configuration.

Nortech can design and build your complete robotic case loading system. In addition to robotic case loading, we can integrate a complete loading sytem that includes case erection, case sealing, labeling, and palletization.

Features and Benefits of Robotic Case Loading

  • Precise Product Handling
  • Highly Efficient
  • Low Maintanance
  • Compact Foot-Print

Possible Applications

  • Easily Integrated with Conveyors, Case Erectors, Sealers, and Labelers
  • Overall Improved Performance Over Your Current Mechanical or Manual Loading Operation

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