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Custom Vision Engineering

Nortech has the know-how to use machine vision systems as a solution to all your inspection, quality, and process control automation challenges. We have experience in engineering, and integrating 3D or 2D machine vision systems in a wide spectrum of automation applications, and technologies. With experience in working with industry-leading vision manufacturers like; Cognex, Microscan, and Keyence, you can be confident that you have access to the latest technology, and components, and the people that know how to use them.
In addition to being capable of ground-up vision integration in brand new systems, Nortech can consult, and engineer solutions to your existing processes. Our engineering staff will work closely with your team to precisely specify system design and ensure successful execution on time, and on budget.

Nortech’s Machine Vision Engineering Capabilities Include:

    • Ability to Engineer Machine Vision Solution For Any Type of Automation Application
    • Experience in Cameras, Smart Sensors, and Lighting
    • Vision System Tools Programming
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