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Custom Automation Engineering

Nortech Industries is a leader in providing engineering consulting of complete factory automation, and information systems. Our projects are engineered to your schedule, using the latest technology, and components, automation techniques, maintenance, business system integration, and lifecycle costs — all while providing improved value at competitive costs. We are able to assist you with the entirety of your production cycle. From design and prototype development to mass production and maintenance, Nortech can provide efficient, reliable factory automation engineering.
In addition to engineering completely custom automation solutions, we can just as well retrofit your current process. We are able to design around your hardware, breathing new life into your current machinery. Whether it is manufacturing, material handling, or testing equipment,
Nortech can analyze your process, and come up with a way to increase efficiency, decrease labor content, and ultimately reduce your costs.

Nortech’s Automation Capabilites Include:

    • Assembly
    • Deburring and Finishing
    • Inspection
    • Machine Tending
    • Material Handling, Packing, and Palletzing
    • Painting and Coating
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