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Full-Service PCB Design and Build Services

From prototype to production, Nortech provides you with a full range of printed circuit board (PCB) solutions. Nortech has multiple disciplines of engineers available to help in every phase of the product development cycle. Whether you need help in only one area of PCB design, layout, fabrication, assembly, testing, or contract manufacturing, or need assistance with the entire product development process, our skilled team can help. With many years of electronics, and engineering experience, our team is proficient in designing, and building a complete PCB product, and can manage the entire materials purchasing, and inventory so you don’t have to.

Nortech’s PCB Design and Build Capabilites Include:

    • PCB Design and Layout Solutions
    • Single and Multi-Layer, One or Two-Sided PCBs
    • Rigid and Flexible PCBs
    • Surface-Mount Technology, Through-Hole Technology, or Mixed
    • Efficient Supply Chain Management for Quick and Seamless PCB Fabrication and Assembly
    • Prototype, Low and High Volume PCB Production
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