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Contract Manufacturing

Plastic and Fiberglass Injection Molding

Nortech is fully capable of providing complete plastic injection molding services for all your outsourced contract manufacturing needs. We have long-running partnerships with many OEMs that rely on us for all of their custom plastic components. From low volume, prototype runs to full production of parts, and component assembly, we are able to provide high-quality molding solutions on time, and on budget. Our in-house engineers are proficient in all aspects of injection molding processes including mold design consulting, production, supply chain, and logistics management.
In addition to our molding capabilities, we offer a comprehensive list of value-added secondary services including painting, silk screening, pad printing, hot stamping, plastic parts assembly, and virtually any other type of finishing. In other words, Nortech is more than qualified to be your trusted injection molding manufacturing partner.

Nortech’s Injection Molding Capabilites Include:

    • Multi-Shot and Multi-Material Molding
    • Single-Cavity, Multi-Cavity, Open-and-Shut Mold, and Multiple-Gate Capabilities
    • Over-Molding, Rotational Molding, Blow Molding, Vacuum Molding, and Extrusion Capabilites
    • Secondary Finishing Services
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