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Custom Cable and Wire Harness Assembly

Nortech is capable of providing you with a full-service cable assembly facility, and expertise for both commercial and industrial needs. From simple discrete cables to complex multi-connector wire harness assemblies, Nortech is able to manufacture your assembly at high quality, with a competitive cost. Our manufacturing expertise allows for rigorous electrical, and mechanical testing, strict quality control, and assembly to your exact specifications.

We have experience with many standard connector types, but we are also well versed in completely custom cable components. Over molding, braiding, sleeving, and wire printing among many other services, are all available to you with Nortech as your cable assembly partner.

In addition to manufacturing, our skilled engineering staff is always at your disposal to consult, and provide solutions to all your cable assembly needs. Our extensive experience allows us to guide your project from prototype to production. All this while stressing minimized costs and timely completion.

Nortech’s Cable Assembly Capabilites Include:

    • Complex Multi-Branch Cable and Harness Capabilites
    • Smart ( Electronics and PCB Integration ) Cable Assembly
    • Wire Printing
    • Overmolded Cable Assembly
    • Cable Braiding and Sleeving
    • Fiberoptic Cable Capabilites
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