Nortech Industries

We are experts in Laboratory Automation, Automated Test Equipment, Robotic Arm Integration , Systems Integration, Product Development and Contract Manufacturing. Nortech provides Turn-key automation solutions and Engineering Services and Consulting to a wide range of industries. Located in Illinois we provide local, national and international support to our customers worldwide. We are your one stop shop for all your automation projects. Whether your project involves integration of robots, pneumatics, motors, actuators, vision systems, measurement instruments or it involves creating new electronics or software we can help. We can help you from concept to market and provide on going support. Our products and services are in everyday use across the globe in industries such as pharmaceuticals, biotech, aerospace, semiconductors, commercial and industrial.

Nortech can integrate data acquisition, vision, motion control, robotics, statistical process control, and other sub-systems into one seamless structure.

In today’s manufacturing there is often a need to integrate various devices into a working and integrated system. there is often a need to integrate various devices, instruments, sub-systems, control systems, test equipment etc. to create a seamless system that works as one.

The “glue” to make it all work together is software. What is needed is a multi disciplinary understanding of the whole process. That’s where we can help. We offer full service system integration: this means integration of mechanical systems, electrical/electronics and software to create a completely integrated system.

Not only can we integrate systems, we can also help you specify systems. if you are wondering which instruments to use and integrate towards a certain outcome, we can help you choose the right components.

Here are some examples of sub systems and devices we have integrated before:

Electrical Control Panels & Systems
Material Handling Electrical Control Panels
HVAC Fan and Pump Control Panels
Food Processing Control Panels
Pump Control Panels & Systems
Metal Forming Control Panels
Plastics Extrusion Control Panels & System
PLC, Data Acquisition Control Systems
Municipal Motor Control Panels
Government/Military Electrical Control Systems
Hydraulic/Pneumatic Control Systems
Crane Electrical Control Panels
Feed to Length Electrical Control Panels Systems
Crushers/Pulverizers Control Panels
Punch Press Control Panels & Systems
Lift Station Control Panels
Industrial Process Control Panels
If you have any questions along the way, let us know.

With many years of experience we are quick studies and we can find out how your specific system needs to be integrated.